Services Performed:

SEO • Social Media Marketing • Content Marketing • Lead Generation • Email Marketing • Analytics • PR • Design

W&W Glass, LLC is one of the largest metal and glass companies in the New York metropolitan area and the largest supplier of structural glass systems in the country. They are also the only distributor of Pilkington Planar™ point-supported systems in North America. Their impressive portfolio includes such landmarks as the 9/11 Memorial Museum Pavilion, Gates Hall at Cornell University, Nasdaq MarketSite in NYC, and the Long Island Rail Road Station in Manhattan.

W&W Glass was referred to us with the objective of crafting and executing a consistent strategy that supplemented the launch of their new website. W&W’s priorities were SEO, targeted promotion of content to architects and engineers, branding, media exposure, and establishing a more in-depth communication with their existing network.

The Process

What we prepared for W&W was an integrated marketing solution that accomplished everything they requested. This program was built so each element used complimented the others and would create exponential growth and brand cohesiveness.

We initiated our campaign with an industry audit, a competitor audit, and a targeted Google campaign running ads for highly competitive keywords within the industry in order to further educate ourselves on the competitiveness and market of each one.

With a solid base understanding of the client, the industry, and the relevant digital space, we set out to achieve our goals.

A large portion of our strategy was the consistent creation and distribution of quality content. By highlighting W&W’s recent projects while also touching on general industry information, news, and trends, we were able to consistently create fresh and strategic content. By distributing this content in an extremely targeted fashion on platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ we were also able to initiate the process of consistently building a quality community of followers for each major platform.

An example of recent content would be our article series highlighting the incredible Hudson Yards project currently in development in Manhattan. We incorporated photos documenting various stages of construction, while also breaking down the technical details that are of interest to architects and engineers. This successful approach let us use current trends and offer quality content, while also providing information that serves a range of potential readers.

To finalize the marketing ecosystem, we planned, designed, developed, and populated an email marketing campaign that targets industry peers. We aimed to provide a monthly update to W&W’s existing network in order to perpetuate monthly traffic and maintain strong relationships. Check out an example of one of the newsletters we designed:

The Results

The results of our work have been extremely impressive from the start, and continue to surpass the initial goals we set for this top shelf firm. All social platform followings have seen tremendous targeted gains and increased reach thanks to our regular strategic posting, and we’ve received tremendous engagement thanks to our curation of eye-catching photos and interesting copy.

Additionally, we were able to not only populate their website with relevant and detailed information very quickly with our blogs, but also start organically coming up on the first page of Google for main service keywords right away! The best part? W&W’s website was built by a design agency on a platform with no SEO functionality. This means their website did not organically rank at all. Within just a month, however, we started indexing organically despite facing this enormous hurdle. As a result of the website not ranking organically, literally all website traffic generated for the life of this case study was done so through our strategies, which provided us with extremely specific analytics and results.

Our ongoing email marketing campaign has also been extremely effective. Not only did we increase traffic to the site, but W&W Glass continues to receive monthly praise from industry professionals who found what we created to be a useful resource for peers. We have also enjoyed a large amount of opt-ins and monthly sign-ups as a result, and have been able to consistently grow their database.

The combined results? Pretty amazing stuff. Check out some of the numbers we’ve seen over the course of a six month campaign. If you like what you see, feel free to get in contact with us about your own project.

LinkedIn Follower Increase
Website Traffic Increase
Google+ Follower Increase
LinkedIn Impressions
Google+ View Increase

*The findings in our reported results reflect the 6-month period initiated by the website launch. While results have continued to exceed the previous month’s for this client, we focused on just that time period for the sake of this case study.