Services Performed:

SEO • Web Design • Content Marketing • Re-Branding • Social Media Marketing • Lead Generation • Email Marketing

Venture Development Center (VDC) is a data consulting and brokerage firm that assists its clients in identifying, defining, and implementing breakthrough uses of Big Data. Founded by Charles Stryker, also known as “Doctor Data,” VDC has worked with over one hundred firms both within and outside the information services industry to identify, define, and implement innovative breakthrough strategies.

VDC came to Anchor Social with the goal of re-branding their company by building a new website, producing resourceful and authorative content, and creating a social media presence.

The Process

Rebranding was the major service VDC hired us for. We initiated our efforts by designing a brand new logo from scratch. We wanted a sharp, professional logo that was also vibrant and modern.

Once the logo was finalized, we continued by building VDC a new, mobile-responsive website that was optimized for SEO and presented a better image of who they were as a firm.

We then populated the website with relevant, informative blogs that targeted specific keywords for the big data industry. These blogs started with basic questions that covered heavily searched topics.

We simultaneously began building Google+ circles and posting relevant news on multiple social media channels. This allowed us to keep a daily presence in the industry.

The Results

As a result of our digital marketing campaign, VDC has seen a major increase in social media engagement and website traffic. Blogs have drawn major traffic, establishing Venture Development Center as an expert source within the big data industry.

Do you have a company that could benefit from rebranding and ongoing content marketing efforts? We’d be glad to talk. Give us a shout and we’ll get started.

*The findings in our reported results reflect the 6-month period initiated by the website launch. While results have continued to beat each previous month’s for this client, we focused on just that time period for the sake of this case study.