Services Performed:

Content Marketing • PR • Social Media Marketing • Design • Lead Generation • Contest Marketing


For more than 20 years, PRO TREK has been offering functional watches specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts. These watches are always equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are perfectly suited to the conditions of any outdoor activity. We have proudly handled all of PRO TREK’s digital marketing efforts since January of 2012. We have kept steady creative control of all social pages, raising their overall likes and reach by over 40% in a few short years.

The Process

We started as we start all of our campaigns: by identifying a demographic. Casio’s PRO TREK Division of watches include many tools that are perfect for hikers and adventurers, such as altimeters, barometers, tide graphs, and compasses.

Armed with this information, we set out to create relevant hashtags that would speak to those who could use these tools the most. Anyone who hikes, boats, fishes or mountain climbs either recreationally or professionally are enticed by the adventure that lies out in the wild. Building our hashtags around this idea, we developed a community of outdoor adventurers and trekkers who rely on PRO TREK watches to guide them.

Content marketing is all about finding relevant and useful content to share with your demographic. For our Facebook and Twitters posts, we combined these hashtags with tips for hikers, unique information about National Parks, and general imagery sprinkled with some “fan shots” and quotes that would inspire PRO TREK users to go out into the wild.

The Results

Our campaigns such as Become A Pro, PRO TREK WorldWide, and ProTips have generated hundreds of thousands of impressions while also raising brand awareness exponentially.

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