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OMG @ Coachella

We at Anchor Social understand the importance of being at the heart of culturally relevant events and we fully recognized that Coachella Music Festival was a great place to interact with a young and influential community and introduce a relevant product.

OMG Farms is a new brand being launched by our client, Canna Group Inc. Coachella turned out to be the perfect place to generate interest and promote the brand in a fun, creative way.

The Approach

Honing our guerilla marketing skills, we created branded beach balls, glow sticks, and t-shirts, thinking these would be a hit with the crowd of over 90,000 people who came to attend the first weekend of the festival. Popping glow sticks into beach balls and deploying hundreds of them into the audience right at the stage at relevant shows, it didn’t take long before we were seeing the OMG Farm name soar around every stage all day and during the biggest acts of the night! About a ten made their way into the performers hand as well and even got a shout out from DJ Flosstradamus!

Even with so many A-list celebrities mingling and causing waves on the grounds, we still managed to turn heads with our T-Shirts, which we were handing out the entire time, running into people wearing them days later. It was a success on all fronts.

VIP and after parties made up the night. We were right there with celebrities like Nikki Leigh, Aaron Paul and up and coming musician Elliphant, who played an intimate set in the middle of an exclusive pool party. We didn’t miss out on this opportunity to take some pictures, share the brand, and hang out in good conversation with some of the best rising stars!

The Results

Our social media accounts were buzzing with pictures and updates from the festival all weekend. Make sure to check out our Instagram and Twitter accounts, and be sure to follow us for updates on the next big event!