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NASA: New Horizons

Here at Anchor, we’re always striving for ways to go above and beyond what anyone thought was possible. That’s why when we saw an opportunity to apply for an upcoming NASA Social event, we jumped at the chance to have a part in the historic mission to Pluto.

NASA Socials are public events that bring in strong social media influencers from different industries to promote a particular mission or event held by the space agency. The events themselves range from tours of historic facilities, space shuttle launches, Q&A panels, and more. This particular event was an inside look at the New Horizons mission, which recently completed its fly-by of Pluto.

After applying and being chosen to fill the digital media agency slot, we traveled down to Laurel, MD for the event. The group we toured with was a collection of social media influencers ranging from teachers, to bloggers, to media reps, and space enthusiasts.

The Results

We were very happy with the results and were successful in completing our mission: Promote New Horizons & Expand Reach. Content creation on the fly was key. We nailed it as we photographed and socially promoted the experience as it developed so that our network was right alongside us.

This specific event was very interactive, allowing us the opportunity to meet and engage with lead project engineers, including the project’s Principal Investigator Alan Stern as well Mission Operation Manager Alice Bowman during informative Q&A’s.

We felt that this was a brilliant way for NASA to promote their missions and were honored to be selected as the only digital marketing company in attendance. This project served as a fantastic example of effective content marketing, while also bringing us back to a state of childhood awe and wonder.

For a more in depth look into our experience at the NASA Social event, make sure to check out our full article.