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Casio Education

Anchor Social has a long and healthy relationship with Casio brands, and their education division was no different. They came to us looking to develop a social presence, as well as campaign ideas to increase brand awareness.

The Process

In order to establish Casio Education as a brand worth following, we started by targeting a demographic who found math and education interesting, but also sought to find ways to make those subjects engaging and interesting. We achieved this by developing a posting schedule that centered around unique ways math affects our world.

We also ran multiple successful campaigns for Casio Education, including the Creating Music With Math Sweepstakes and the Back to School in Style watch and calculator giveaway.

We also developed and outlined an extensive campaign that offered students the chance to win money for submitting their SAT scores and using specific hashtags to enter the competition. Our “Smart Money Top 20” campaign was designed to increase social interaction, while offering something of value to students.

The Results

As a direct result of our social media posting and campaigns, Casio Education’s social presence increased dramatically.

Monthly Facebook Increase
Increase in Twitter Followers

*The findings in our reported results reflect the 6-month period initiated by the website launch. While results have continued to exceed each previous month’s for this client, we’ve focused on this time period for the sake of this case study.