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Canna Group Inc. is a cannabis consulting company that was formed by industry experts with decades of experience in the California Medical Marijuana program. With more states adopting medical and recreational programs, Canna Group was ready to make their public debut, and in July of 2014, Anchor was tapped to facilitate the introduction.

The first item on our agenda was the creation of a mobile-responsive, heavily SEO’d website that clearly differentiated their company from industry stigmas and competitors who weren’t doing a great job of painting a professional picture.

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Upon launch of the website, it was promotion time! Initially, we struggled with various industry-specific advertising limitations. So we formed a plan that operated utilizing intelligent loopholes, while also being strategically sound without any associated risk.

It all started with a website

The Process

The marketing plan we crafted for Canna Group was exhaustive. It initiated with an in-depth competitor and industry audit and analysis that allowed us to really digest the environment and start defining who our real competitors were and what we needed to focus on first in order to beat them.

With no previous website, a brand new URL, and a freshly launched brand, we were first faced with establishing SEO – and first on the list was ‘Canna Group Inc’.

Our first big hurdle came with establishing organic SEO for the company’s name. In our initial research, we found a heavily-trafficked and well SEO’d operation out of New Mexico to be a real issue. The problem was that their name was ‘Minerva Canna Group Inc.’ and with their extremely high and powerful organic listings, the search term ‘Canna Group Inc’ was essentially an effective keyword for their business. We knew we had our work cut out for us, but we were ready to rise to the challenge.

Next we had to define a strategic road map forward that utilized our monthly budget as effectively as possible in order to educate the market, generate leads, forge new digital partnerships, and realize market opportunities.

What we ended up with was an integrated content marketing strategy that encompassed weekly blogging, social media presence and promotion, network and forum marketing, email marketing, event marketing, celebrity endorsements, analytical research, and digital press releases. Video production, photography, copywriting, graphic design, and editorial services would be used to produce content.

The Results

Over the six months following the launch of Canna Group’s website, we and our client are more than pleased with the results.

Not only were we able to produce multiple consultation leads for the business within the first two months, but we also blew ourselves away with the speed in which we dominated the first page of Google’s organic search results for the previously mentioned ‘Canna Group Inc’ keyword issue. Within the first 45 days, we owned 8 of the 10 organic listings.

While social followings are never what we determine our success by, the growth in that first six month period was tremendous. We were able to acquire just under 10,000 targeted followers in the first six months! Because every fan was targeted, we have also enjoyed ongoing engagement on all our social content which expands our reach even more every time we post.

Through the use of Google+ accounts, we were able to further solidify SEO with the use of various keywords, as well as quickly index content that covered trending current events. In the cannabis space, news is constant and it receives a large amount of attention. We have dedicated ourselves to being the first to report or comment on any large change and in doing so have garnered a large, authentic follower base.

We furthered our social promotion once more by initiating a strategic plan catered specifically for LinkedIn as well. Through the use of targeted promotion within groups and forums, we were able to quickly gather just under 300 follows to Canna Group’s business LinkedIn page as well.

Through constant social posting and online blog creation/promotion, we realized the generation of 9,833 unique sessions to the CGI website in the first six months after its digital inception and launch!

For an update on Canna Group Inc.’s current progress, or to discuss your own cannabis project, shoot us an email.

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*The findings in our reported results reflect the 6-month period initiated by the website launch. While results have continued to exceed each previous month’s for this client, we’ve focused on this time period for the sake of this case study.


Chris Macaluso/President & EVP

“Not only does Anchor continually meet our expectations…they more often exceed them. The knowledge, understanding, and execution they bring to our organization’s project is invaluable and more than we have ever experienced working with other agencies.”

Aaron Silverman/CEO

“Anchor Social are extremely professional and have continued to go the extra mile on all of my projects NOT because it’s expected but because it’s their pedigree. Anchor’s ability to recognize my business needs to achieve success and their ability to communicate those needs to me are un-paralleled.”