Services Performed:

Photography • Social Media Marketing • Content Marketing • Live Event Coverage

We’re big snowboarding junkies here at Anchor which is why we were absolutely thrilled when our client G-SHOCK asked us to be on-site for the 2015 Burton US Open in Vail, Colorado.

Our main goals for the event were to support the G-SHOCK sponsorship tent located in the ‘Sponsorship Village’ of Vail just below the half-pipe, and to support G-SHOCK’s two competing sponsored athletes utilizing live photography, content creation, social media promotion and by-the-second results reporting.

G-SHOCK Athlete & extremely decorated professional snowboarder Louie Vito was present for a large portion of our coverage allowing us to provide quality content while on scene. Louie also took part in some promotional events held at the G-SHOCK tent allowing for further digital promotion and some fantastic photo opps.

Besides documenting some of the best snowboarders in the world, Anchor delivered an impressive 1,000 final photos creating a strong resource for G-SHOCK for future targeting of the extreme sports community. The campaign run by Anchor created over half a million impressions and garnered over 70,000 likes, comments, and shares. To top off this awesome event, G-SHOCK rider Taku Hiraoka took home the gold for the Men’s Half-Pipe event…and we got up close and personal to document the ensuing celebration.

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