Matt Staudt Partners With Janus Sports & Entertainment

Our Founder & CEO has formally announced the co-founding and partnership of Janus Sports & Entertainment with Matthew Aptaker and Kyle Stoltz.

Assuming the role of Chief Marketing Officer and Partner, Matt will provide brand strategy, social media monetization, public relations and event management for all clients as well as assist in the creation of new sponsorship channels, client acquisition and agency branding.

Janus is an agency that stands in stark contrast to the competition. Taking no monies from any clients’ fight purse, we ensure our survival by creating in-cage sponsorships, branded out-of-cage endorsements and opportunities and invest tremendous time and energy into the future of our athletes as we are linked to them and their success.

Recent influencer work has expanded the scope of service offerings under Anchor so wide that we’ve begun to offer everything under the sun. This partnership allows Matt to funnel his knowledge, network and momentum into a healthy foundation and partnership adding immediate bandwidth and direction to a positive, organic movement.

As for Anchor, we will remain the badass digital marketing firm we’ve been, servicing businesses, creating amazing content and incredible online campaigns!