Nick Diaz Stars In Futurola Ad

By January 18, 2017Cannabis, Client Updates

Amsterdam-based rolling paper company Futurola recently reached out requesting Nick help them create branded content for their cannabis brand. Futurola heads wanted to create a lifestyle video, taking a stab at lifting stigmas both with cannabis as a whole as well as Nick himself.

The ad itself starts with Nick training at the legendary Kron Gracie’s gym in Culver City, CA and ends atop a mountain overlooking LA, chronicling a post-workout joint sesh, all the meanwhile hearing Nick, his voiceover authentic and moving, completing the project beautifully and hitting the mark.

We jumped ad the chance to support the cannabis industry and Futurola but also immediately saw the opportunity to start brand Nick correctly, as an alternative athlete that has always been a decade ahead of the curve and always ends up going with what is natural. Cannabis is just part of what makes Nick who he is and is a normal part of his life, along with many other alternative and healthy options he’s taken.