Nick Diaz Partners With Adam Scorgie For Epic Doc

Saying this is a match made in heaven is an understatement. Adam Scorgie is the most qualified at the moment to tell the story of Nick Diaz, an unsung American hero in his own right.

Adam Scorgie, a Canadian producer and actor known for The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007), The Good Son: The Life of Ray Boom Boom Mancini (2013) and The Culture High (2014), has built a career off edgy projects in the areas of fighting and cannabis. His book of work to date also includes a documentary on Evil Knievel, The Gracie Family, Danny Trejo, Bruce Lee and he produced most of Roots Of Fight’s content.

Professional pedigree is one thing, personal direction is another, and this is where the match made itself clearly evident. After having met Nick in Las Vegas last summer, Adam had completely changed his perception of Nick – and this is a Canadian who viciously rooted for Georges St. Pierre. Assuming at first that Nick would be standoffish, he quickly found that not to be the case at all and spent most of the afternoon with the UFC SuperStar talking martial arts and life.

During that chat Adam learned a lot about Nick, something about the world and the UFC and just couldn’t shake it. Things are rarely what they seem and even a glimpse of a closer look proved there was much more depth to Nick than he had ever imagined.

Less than a year later and Adam came back to Nick and co with a solid plan of action and a fire in his heart! We feel very comfortable trusting Adam to really tell the story of Nick Diaz, an amazing man and athlete who persevered in so many amazing ways and against all odds. An enigma who is still misunderstood for the most part. The people’s champ who always fought and rarely got a break.

We are thrilled to be working alongside Adam and cannot wait to appropriately present Nick’s story to the world!