The Idea of a “Celebrity” is Dying – Enter ‘Influencer Marketing’

Being 32 years old, I remember a time where if you wanted to be famous you had to work extremely hard to make enough of an impact to receive a chance. Casting calls, nepotism, unemployment…a few things the struggling entertainer knows all too well.

But things have changed! Perez Hilton is just one example of personalities who have emerged through social media and the Internet and our ability to create and share our own content as a community.

Have you stopped to consider this enormous change at all and how it has impacted our current society and, specifically for us, the state of marketing?

Content is king. We will scream that until the cows come home, or until dinosaurs in executive roles finally retire, either way, we’ll be the voice of reason and truth until everyone gets it.

Would you prefer to be held to an episode schedule or decide when to enjoy your content? Would you prefer being limited to only consuming that content on your TV or would you prefer the option of consuming it on your phone or tablet as well? How about selection? Would you prefer to have options presented by thousands of creators across the globe or just the content within set media channel parameters?

Exactly, we all want convenience first and foremost, and for this reason any business struggling to enter the modern marketing world is at an enormous disadvantage to their competitors.

Be the authentic and authoritative voice to your industry! Capitalize on informational gaps in your market! Create!!!

We are a digital agency that understands the modern transition taking place and focus on being as effective as we can while staying up to date on technology. We heavily rely on the use of social media influencers and celebrities as part of our custom marketing campaigns as they offer a relevant marketing platform from which to launch any viral social marketing program.

The world we live in has changed and is continuing to change even faster than it has been. For those outside-the-box thinkers like ourselves looking for a fresh campaign idea, give us a shout today!

Anchor Social is a digital marketing agency that focuses on content creation and leverages non-traditional, supplemental campaign components, offering social media influencer marketing services as well as celebrity endorsements, live events, virtual reality and other custom interactive marketing applications.