Check out some of the recent changes to your social media platforms!

Pinterest Adds Location Data:

Pinterest has just added location data to their pins. For businesses, this means that your pins can show up on a map with important details such as phone number, hours of operation, and addresses. It’s a business friendly application that we’re glad to see added to the platform.


Facebook Introduces Canvas

If you’ve been advertising on Facebook, you may remember them making the change to carousel based ads in the recent past. This allowed users to scroll a catalogue of products integrated seamlessly into their news streams.

Now they are introducing Canvas, a new platform that makes shopping from a mobile device even easier. Users can see a full screen version of an ad that gives them important details, before converting them to the web page itself to complete the purchase.

They’ve also been updating their video platform, allowing users to find more relevant content, and updating their algorithms to show only what’s of interest. They are also giving users more flexibility in how they can view videos, including playback while scrolling, and a button that lets you bookmark the video for later.

facebook shopping update canvas


We’ve pushed LinkedIn as a great place to promote your content before, but now it’s even easier to participate in groups and get the discussion going thanks to LinkedIn Groups, which is currently available for iOS devices.

Skype Adds Shareable Link

Skype is now joining the ranks of Google Hangouts and other video platforms by allowing you to share a Skype call by using a link. Viewers can watch and participate in the discussion from anywhere. If you utilize video conferences or live stream as part of your strategy, this is now another tool you can use to create your content.

Those are the major updates to some of your social media tools! Which one affects your business the most?