Facebook Could Still Cost You

Every once in awhile, a hoax goes around that claims Facebook is going to require payment for its users, either to keep their accounts, or to keep their accounts private. While almost all of these rumors have little or no truth behind them, it is entirely possible that you’ll still end up having to pay to get something out of Facebook, especially if you’re a small business.

Once Facebook exploded and became the new staple in social media connections, the rate of content being created hasn’t slowed down. On the contrary, it just keeps speeding up. As a result, Facebook made it clear to content creators that starting last year, their pages and content were not going to show up as organically as they were previously. This means that in order for your content to show up in someone’s Newsfeed, you’re going to have to spend a little money.

In fact, of the 2 million advertisers that used the platform last year, most of them were small or medium sized businesses. This trend isn’t going away, especially since Twitter and now Instagram have begun rolling out their own paid advertising services.

The good news is, most of this ad spend is relatively inexpensive per post, depending on how much you want to boost it. The bad news is that boosting a post every day can add up, so you may be stretching your ad budget too far if you aren’t careful.

When you start using ads, make sure to experiment and find what works for you. Select different targeted groups and keep an eye on your engagement. Try a different looking post or different piece of content (video, photo, blog post, etc). Feel free to put some money behind a post that you think is especially well put together and will draw people to your page.

This “pay-to-play” model doesn’t mean you should ignore Facebook or other platforms that have moved towards this model, but it does mean you have to be conscious about your budget. If you aren’t interested in upping the amount of money you spend on ads, it may be time to start looking at other platforms such as Twitter or Instagram. You may even tap into a potential source of customers you didn’t know existed.

Even if you’re paying for ads, it’s always important to make sure you’re actually creating engaging content that is going to draw people in. Anyone can throw money behind an ad and have it show up in someone’s feed, but if it isn’t engaging or relevant, that’s money down the drain. This also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create engaging content for posts that you aren’t paying for. Never underestimate the power of your followers. If the right person shares an engaging post, you could see the same if not more engagement as a boosted post.

Ultimately, what strategy works for your company is going to require research and experimentation. Take time with your marketing team and figure out how much you want to spend on Facebook ads. If you have any questions about Facebook or any other social media ads, feel free to leave a comment below or get in contact with us.