Our Minds Are Changing – So Should Your Marketing Strategy

We’re losing our minds.

At least according to a recent Washington Post article on the way the internet is changing the way we think. According to a recent study, individuals are under the influence of what researchers are calling “digital amnesia,” where our reliance of the internet has led us to forget short term information such as phone numbers and birthdays. After all, when your cell phone can hold more numbers than you’ll ever possibly need and Facebook gives you a reminder when someone’s birthday is approaching, why would you commit that information to memory?   

This may sound like we’re losing our minds, but researchers have found we’re just replacing that knowledge with something else. Instead of remembering the details themselves, we’re remembering where to find that information. We know how to navigate our devices and search browsers to find the stored information we’re looking for.

The article isn’t written to scare us about failing memory so much as it is an honest look at the way we’re changing how we process information. We forget the details because we remember where we can find them later. This current generation is simply thinking differently than the previous one, and that’s crucial to keep in mind when it comes to marketing.

If you’re a content marketer, this information is especially important. People remember the source of the information more than the source itself, and you can take advantage of this new way of thinking. This should be at the heart of your marketing efforts.

As part of your marketing strategy, it’s important to establish yourself as an authority in your industry for this very reason. We live in a time where information is freely available. Consumers, especially younger ones, are doing their homework before they make a purchase or follow a brand. If you establish yourself as the go-to source for information about your brand’s industry, the consumer is going to remember where to find those resources before they make a purchase. Once you’re first in their mind, you can easily convert your knowledge and expertise to sales.

For example, perhaps someone can’t remember how many quarts there are in a gallon. If you happen to run a website about cooking or recipes, you want that information to be easy to find and searchable. People will remember your source before they consider going anywhere else in the future. The next cooking question they have, they know right where to look because you provided them something direct and of value to them before.

It’s a fairly simple formula. Information is powerful, and if your content establishes you as a quality source, you will continue to make new leads. People are always going to come back in the future because they are relying on you to retain the details.

We always talk about “cloud” technology, especially when we discuss apps or storage for our other content. The reality is we were already using our devices as a sort of cloud device for ourselves. We clear our mind of all the little dates and facts and reference them later. It’s important to adjust your strategy as necessary based on the current trends of your consumer.

Our minds are changing, so make sure your marketing efforts keep up.