Best Mobile Apps for Business

By October 8, 2015Uncategorized

Here Are A Few Mobile Apps That Will Help Your Business

If you’re not mobile, your business is going to suffer.

It’s really as simple of that. Mobile use has surpassed desktop use and businesses are becoming even more efficient as a result. The trend shows no sign of stopping, either. If you aren’t learning how to work on a mobile platform, your business strategy – in the marketing world or not – is going to sink.

Luckily, there are some great tools that can help you along with the process. We’ve compiled a quick list of the best mobile apps that will help you roll out your strategy and keep you afloat in the mobile market.

Task Systems

Wunderlist is a great tool for small businesses looking to keep track of their daily tasks on the go. With desktop, web, and mobile platforms that sync with each other, it’s a handy solution if you’re looking for a simple scheduling tool that can keep you on task for daily, recurring, or one-time tasks. Make different lists for each client, assign tasks to employees, and set reminders and due dates all within the app.


Buffer is a service we’ve recommended before, but the mobile app means you can keep curating, scheduling, and promoting content on the go.

Hootsuite is another tool similar to Buffer that also has flexible scheduling options for your various social media accounts. Have a look and see which one your prefer.


Dropbox has been a popular file sharing resource for many businesses, but did you know there’s a mobile app? You can access all of your files from your phone that have synced with your Dropbox.

Google Drive is a great collaborative tool for businesses that lets you create documents, store files, upload photos, and so much more. There’s a fully featured mobile version of the app that lets you do just about everything – including creating new documents, making comments, and editing. With up to 15GB worth of storage for free, it’s a must have for your device.


Google Analytics is a powerful analytic tool for your website. The mobile app offers you the same great data you receive on the web version, and is a handy tool to have in your back pocket.

Your Business

Perch is a fantastic tool for small local businesses looking to keep an eye on their social media presence. The app will let you keep track of any mentions your business gets on social media, including when someone posts a new review, and even keeps you up to date on how your competitors are doing.

The mobile app market is explosive, but these apps will help your mobile business and marketing efforts get off to a good start. These tools are just as powerful as their desktop counterparts and give you the flexibility to run your business in the 21st century.

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