Are You Using Google’s Best Kept Secrets?

by Matt Staudt

Google, as we all know, has accomplished some pretty amazing feats. They seem to have their hands in everything from renewable energy, to telecommunications, and beyond. But there are some “secrets” about Google that can truly help the marketer, the small business owner, and the publicly traded company. So what are Google’s best kept secrets?

Market Finder 

Having trouble finding out what your true customer base is? Enter Global Market Finder. This handy Google tool allows you to enter a keyword related to your product or service, then gives you information on who your target demographic is. The tool also converts the keyword into whatever language your region is using, and then ranks all the regions around you based on how popular it is.

It may not have the power that other keyword analytic tools have, but it’s a great way to keep tabs on what keywords you’re currently using, keeping you on the right track.

Consumer Survey

Want to know what others think of your company? Google’s Consumer Survey service allows you to get into the mind of your customer in relation to your company. This tool lets you make custom surveys for cheap: 10 cents for each response and 50 cents if targeted to a specific demographic. If you’re in an industry where feedback and data can help your marketing efforts become more efficient or to hone your strategy, it’s a useful option to have in your back pocket.

Google Insights

Think of Google Insights as a self-promotional knowledge base. It gives you the options of advertising through Google’s various platforms, but also gives you access to studies on how certain demographics use the web. This has been around for a few years, but recently went through a serious make over. Google Insights makes it easy to look at your website and see when web traffic is spiking. Match this up with your content schedule and you can see which of your posts are having the greatest impact.

Google Insights has a wealth of tools and statistics that you can dive into if you really want to break down your performance. We recommend taking the time to poke around with your own website’s analytics to see which ones are most useful for you.

Google Drive  

Google Drive is a suite of apps that can be very useful for collaboration. It features a wide array of tools such as a word processor, spreadsheets, slides, and other interconnected apps you can add based on your needs. What makes Drive a great place for your company is the ability to collaborate in real time. If two users have the same file open on separate computers, they can see each other make edits, leave comments, or revert changes. It’s a great tool for working on presentations, forming proposals, keeping tabs in a spreadsheet, or any other time you need to collaboratively work on a document. You can also export these documents to a variety of formats, such as PDF or .docx, to ensure your client can open it on their native platforms.

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