The Art of Creating Shareable Content

by Matt Staudt

Master the art of creating shareable content!

When you create content, you post it with the hope that it will be shared by others. But how do you get your audience to engage in the spirit of your company? The social spread of your company’s content does not have to be left to chance. Here are some tips that you can use to increase how often your content is shared!

Why Do I Care?

Make sure that the content you’re sharing is, well, sharable. We’ve said it time and time again – content marketing is all about providing relevant content to your audience. If you don’t find it interesting, let alone useful, chances are neither will the rest of the world. You can gauge this by checking your keywords. See what people are asking sales about, see what others in your industry are doing (if it works, that is), or just have a fundamental understanding of your audience. That last one cuts out the middle man. There is no need for focus groups, or to throw money at studies if you take the time to understand your demographic’s wants and needs.

Create a Great Headline

Your headline is super important. It’s the first thing folks will see, and it’s the first thing they’ll use to decide whether or not they’ll click on your post, let a lone share it. Find something that strikes a balance between hitting all of your keywords and catching eyes. You don’t have to be silly, but don’t be afraid to have fun with it either. Make a bold statement, or pull out a strong thesis from your blog. Let people know what they’re in for, but also let them know how strong your argument is going to be.

Mobile is King 

About 80% of the eyes looking over your social media accounts will be from a mobile device. A good way to destroy 80% of your ‘shareability’ is by making your content look terrible on a mobile device. Make sure your your social icons are working on mobile and that your photos are formatted properly. We can’t stress enough how popular mobile devices are, and if your content isn’t formatted properly, it will not only hurt how often your posts are shared, but your ultimate ROI.

Get the Picture?

Do not underestimate the power of pairing a great photo with your content. Humans are naturally very visual creatures, which is why Instagram surges in popularity every day. Pictures are a great way to draw in your reader and get them to share your content without reading any copy. It’s an instant treat to see something that is visually pleasing, and you can leverage that response into shares.

Give a Good Reason

A little incentive can go along way. Make sure to include a call to action. Instead of asking for their email or to like the page, simply ask for them to tip you with a share or a retweet. A simple prompt can go a long way!

Having trouble getting even a few shares? Let us help you out! Contact us and will make you a sharing samurai in know time!