Content Marketing & SEO: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Content Marketing or SEO?

We get so wrapped up in talking about content marketing that it’s easy to forget there are other aspects of digital marketing – that’s how important it is. However, to neglect the importance of SEO would be to ignore the reason our content marketing efforts can be so effective. Search engine optimization is the pillar upon which our content stands, and without it, none of what we create would matter.

That sounds a bit extreme, especially considering there have been many articles that hold content marketing in higher regard than SEO, or are intent on pitting these two strategies against one another. The truth is both content marketing and SEO are two sides of the same coin. While they don’t always mean the same thing, they overlap enough that it should become clear you can’t have one without the other.

SEO is the technical side of the business. It’s the understanding of the “physical” process needed to increase your ranking. Knowing which keywords to use in your blogs, when to crawl your website to index it for search, and making sure your website is mobile friendly are all aspects that fall under the “SEO” label.

Content marketing overlaps SEO when it comes to filling in the content. It’s the vehicle for the keywords that are going to increase your ranking. It creates the value behind your website and your company. This is the part of your marketing efforts that build a relationship with your consumer and establish you as an authority in your industry that they’ll remember.

Quite like how “social media marketing” is the medium through which we promote content, content marketing is the method we use to make our SEO efforts have value, which will directly impact how our website or business is ranked. The research conducted when you look at your SEO strategy will tell you what kind of content you need to create in order to gain interest from your audience.

Evaluating Your Strategy

If you’re unsure if your marketing strategy is focusing too heavily on one strategy or the other, you can ask yourself a few questions to set yourself back on track.

  • If you’re running a strong content marketing campaign, don’t worry about SEO as long as your website is optimized and you are using targeted keywords and promoting your relevant content in the correct places.
  • Conversely if you’re solely focused on getting as many eyes on your content as possible, without taking time to create something truly relevant, you can be optimized all you want, but you won’t convert those likes and shares to sales.

Utilizing both SEO and content marketing strategies isn’t a balance so much as it is building them evenly. When it comes down to it, finding a professional who knows the technical world of SEO and understands what makes a great content marketing campaign is ideal. If you’re unsure about your own strategy or have any questions regarding SEO or content marketing, feel free to contact us, or leave a comment below.