Here are 3 ways to spice up your social media!

It seems that a lot of businesses (even larger companies) are having trouble innovating on their social media pages to gain more followers or likes. You see the same repetitive content spewed out on all channels. Boring re-tweets, sappy memes, and easily seen through attempts to get “closer” to their audience plague a lot of companies’ social media presence. I can only imagine that the social media managers themselves leave work each day thinking, “What’s the point?” Well, Anchor Social will show you how to spice up your digital marketing game!


Social media can be used in many different ways. One commonly overlooked way to use your digital marketing efforts is to think of it as a testing lab. One can use social media sites like Twitter to test out larger endeavors, not unlike a scientist testing his chemical compounds before introducing them to the world. Testing headlines on Twitter can be a great way to see which one will get more traffic to your site. This is great for blogs you have written, press releases, or even normal posts that redirect users back to your site.

Play around with different forms of content. If you’ve done blog posts, try your hand at producing a video. If you’ve been using stock photography, go out and try taking your own! Stale content is as good as no content at all, and if something doesn’t work, just move on and try something else!

Change Your Posting Schedule

Predictability will be the death of your pages. When you start changing up your posting schedule, you may start hitting an audience that you were missing out on before. Try experimenting with new times for your posts to go out and see what works best.

Better yet, start introducing curated content into the mix. This will allow your audience to get some different types of content that could bring out the best of your own when placed in the mix. Sharing other people’s content is a great way to build a community and draw a larger audience. Making friends is always a good idea, and you could get some of your own content shared in the process!

Branch Out (Or Trim Down)

Too often, companies who have lost the desire to innovate and truly care about the social norms of individual online communities let their pages fall by the wayside. What goes up on Twitter, goes on LinkedIn, but also goes on Instagram and Facebook. This is a lazy approach to social media posting. Try positioning yourself differently on Twitter than you do on Facebook. Look at others in your industry to make sure you are following the social norms of each. What you post on one platform may not be appropriate for the other, and could account for a lack of engagement.

Have another look at your demographic and make sure you’re not wasting your time on a platform that will never get engagement. At the very least, make sure to change your copy that you pair with your content so it is tailored towards each platform. Make sure you’re using hashtags on Twitter, and encouraging users to interact and respond. Digital marketing is definitely not a one size fits all industry, so experiment a little before you write one copy for every five post buttons you click.

Social media is constantly changing, which means you need to change with it in order to stay relevant. If you are having trouble keeping up with these updates feel free to contact us and we will set you straight!