Social Media Changes – 8/20/15

Another passing week means another round of changes for your social media platforms! We round them all up for you below!

Instagram Releases API

Instagram saw the biggest change to their social media network this month with the release of their API to public businesses. This means that you might see more ads cropping up in your Instagram feed.

For marketers, this has been a change many have been waiting for. The ultimate content marketing social media platform can now be used by just about anyone to promote their own company.

Advertising on Instagram used to be an expensive, drawn out process that was only available to select businesses. With the release of their API, you’re going to see an explosion of advertisements take to the platform.

Twitter and Windows 10

By now you’ve probably heard that Windows 10 is on the market and many users have already started using it as their primary operating system. Twitter recently released an update that can be integrated into Windows 10 as a Universal Windows Application. This app can give users live tiles and allow them to upload multiple photos or gifs.

It’s a much more visual tool that looks like some other social media platforms, which is something to keep in mind when you consider sharing photos for your business.

Facebook Mentions:

The social media giant recently introduced live chats to their Facebook Mentions service. This change allows celebrities such as athletes and actors to directly engage with fans by sharing a live video that goes directly to their feed, allowing users to comment and interact. It’s a great way to increase transparency between stars and fans, and something worth looking into if you’re a large company that can benefit from interacting directly with your audience in real time.

Google becomes Alphabet

As you’ve probably heard buzzing along the internet, Google is shaking up its infrastructure. Alphabet will become its parent company, and each branch of the tech giant will spread out and have its own CEO. This is a reaction to their rapid expansion, and is a way for the company to keep the focus on each individual program without letting the others suffer.

There’s no real way to understand how this affects you or your business as of yet. It may be possible that Google+ will get a revamp, or perhaps that branch of Alphabet will decide to focus their attention elsewhere. It shouldn’t change much in the meanwhile, but it’s an interesting development that you should keep a close eye on in the future.

That’s it for our major social media changes! How do you plan on capitalizing on these changes? We want to know! Leave us a comment or give us a shout!