Keeping up With Social Media Culture

Keep Up With Social Media Culture!

We’ve written before on constant changes to social media platforms, but it’s important to remember that culture on the internet also changes quite frequently. Sometimes we get so wrapped up trying to understand how a platform is going to alter our posting schedule, advertisements, or post synergy that we forget to look at what we’re actually posting.

As you’ve probably heard, a recent Facebook study found that most people are using “haha” instead of “lol” on their social media posts. In fact, the study discovered that those who continued to use “lol” were generally older users. The introduction of emojis into the mix also skewed how people react when trying to convey laughter or amusement.

Is this news in itself going to shake up your marketing strategy? Probably not. But it is an important reminder to reevaluate how you are interacting with your audience. Have another look at your demographic. Maybe you’re not using “lols” and “hahas” in your daily posts, but pay attention to your word choice. Are you using a voice that speaks to a younger or older audience when you should be using the opposite?

Keeping up with social media culture isn’t easy. The idea of the selfie seemed to crop up out of nowhere and became a common type of photo and an ironic statement all at once almost overnight. How you look at and handle these changes in social media behavior can define how much interaction you get on your company’s channels. For example, have you been paying attention to how many exclamation points you’ve been using lately?

Also think about what platform you are using. Once, Facebook was home only to college students before it was made public. Younger generations jumped on it and it quickly became a hub for the tech savvy youth to keep up with each other.

Fast forward to 2015 and that isn’t the case anymore. Facebook is populated by everyone, young or old, and you may be surprised to find your target demographic may not even have a strong presence there anymore. Conversely, pay attention to the rise of Instagram and you’ll see why the younger demographic has fled Facebook in search of other social media platforms.

Being a social media content marketer can make your head spin, we know. Deciding what cultural trends to pursue and which ones to ditch is going to be different for each brand. We hope the recent Facebook study is a wake up call for marketers. Pay attention to your posts, be cognizant of the changing culture around you, and keep an eye on your ever-evolving demographic.

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