Social Media is Always Changing. Here are Some Recent Updates:


Google has some major changes coming to its social media platform. After feedback from users, the company has decided to separate Google+ from its other platforms, starting with YouTube. In the coming months, you won’t need a Google+ account in order to comment, like, or share content. What you do on one Google service will be separate from the rest. This is the next part of Google’s plan to start streamlining their services separately, such as making Google Photos its own app, instead of being a part of Google+.

As far as SEO goes, this shouldn’t change anything. Posts should still index as normal, and Google+ users who have joined communities will still be there to engage with your content. Just be aware that when you share that YouTube video, the engagement you get won’t cross over, and will remain separate.


Twitter is introducing a dashboard service that will help let you manage your account better. You can quickly see when you logged in last and what devices you have accessed Twitter from. This is just another layer of security that could come in handy if you are a marketing firm that has multiple people managing the same account.


Facebook, in their ongoing quest to provide the most relevant content to its users as possible, introduced new ways for users to have a say in what posts they see in their News Feed. More than just having the ability to “Unfollow” someone, these new features will allow users to select whose posts they want to see first and find new pages to like.

If you need an excuse to create relevant content to your demographic, we can’t think of a better one. Make sure users are going to continue to see your posts first!


Following up on Instagram’s new promise to provide deeper search functionality, the photo sharing platform rolled out the ability to conduct a search of people, places, and hashtags in a browser. This is a feature users have been asking for, and it could potentially make your content easier to find!


LinkedIn’s SlideShare service, which allows users to present visual content such as charts, infographics and videos to their consumers, announced an improved lead generation tool. This will allow marketers to find a better targeted audience to connect with.

Those are your big social media changes for this update! Do any of them affect how you’re going to conduct business? We want to know how you’re going to use them in your campaigns! Leave a comment or contact us with any questions!