Promoting Your Event Using Social Media

Here are Some Tips to Promote Your Event Through Social Media!

by Matt Staudt

So you have the perfect caterer, killer DJ, lights that might give grandpa a seizure, and enough liquor to drown Artie Lang and Gary Busey both. Looks like your party or event is going to be a hit. There’s just one problem. Nobody knows about it! How do you turn this awesome set up from the most depressing party in the world to an all out apocalyptic throw down? Your answer may lie in social media and content creation.

Maybe you don’t want a party that crazy (bummer dude), but you do want people to come and have fun at any event you throw together. There are tools across each social media platform that can allow your friends or followers (and your follower’s followers) to know you’re throwing a banger. As always, it starts with creating great relevant content.

Within the world of content marketing, there are plenty of options to get you started. Everybody loves videos! Make an intriguing video to upload to YouTube and put it on your website. Attach an eye catching headline that will draw your audience into watching the video. Maybe feature music from the DJ or band playing your event. Depending on what kind of event you’re having and what your company represents, tailor the video to perfection. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million!

If you have the budget, get sponsors. They will promote the event their own way on their own page, and it will broaden your reach tremendously. You may, however, want to produce some of the material for them. Write a script for them that they can read over a podcast and give them some clips they can add to a video. You can even design some banners and ads they can start boosting or adding to their website. This can create a lot of extra work for you, but in the end the results could be worth it.

Lastly, use all the resources available to you for free by various social media platforms. Create an event on Facebook while capturing keywords and invite everyone and their extended contacts. Make sure that the picture and language you use is appropriate for the event. Google+ also allows you to create events, so take advantage of that feature as well. If it’s a professional get together such as an expo or a conference, you can create an event on LinkedIn. There are a few tools you can use to dress up tweets like that are perfect for promoting events. The trick with promoting on Twitter is to build up to a peak point, that point being the event. Don’t tweet too much about it, but not too little either. Find a balance, which you can gauge by the amount of favorites and retweets you are getting.

Is no one going to your events? It may not be because you throw terrible parties (although we’re not ruling that out yet). You may not be utilizing social media to your advantage, and if that’s the case, let us help you out!