There have been some major social media changes this past week, and we gathered them all in one place!


Snapchat Video Ads:

Probably the biggest change on our list, Snapchat is now encouraging marketers to create and share targeted Snapchat videos for promotion. Their upcoming 3V service (Vertical, Video, Views) will allow videos to show up under users’ stories list. These curated ads will seek to reflect what Snapchat is known for: creating content users will find useful. We’ve written about great Snapchat content marketing campaigns before, and now it sounds like it will be even easier for content marketers to use it as an advertising platform.

Instagram Search and Explore

Instagram has revamped their searching functionality, expanding the ability of users to find pictures based on a specific event. This new explore feature will show trending news and hashtags that will allow you to easily see photos about whatever it is you are looking for.

They also changed their search functionality, allowing you to zoom in on a map and check out a collage of photos taken from nearby. This will certainly come in handy for any trip planners or people looking to get real-time updates from any location.

This increased functionality is great news for content marketers like ourselves who cover events. Make sure to find out what hashtags are trending so your content will naturally come up within the collages!

Twitter Curates Content

Similar to Instagram revamping their search engine, Twitter is seeking to curate content and aggregate information about a particular product by pulling tweets, photos, and videos and putting them all in once place. They are currently experimenting with a select group of products, and we are curious to see how the end result turns out.

Google Tag Manager

Google is streamlining how tagging your website for search works. This will make pages load faster and drive more traffic to your website. Check out the video for more information, and make sure to register:


Facebook News Feed Update

Facebook is changing the way it ranks content within the News Feed. Before, they would rely on likes, comments, shares and how long someone watched a video in order to rank relevant content. However, Facebook will begin taking into account posts that people may enjoy and find useful, but don’t feel inclined to like, comment or share. They are gauging this interaction by taking measuring how long someone spends on a post, whether or not they click to turn on sound or make a video full screen, and even if you turn up the volume on your device.

Content that Facebook thinks you like based on this criteria is now going to float to the top of your News Feed, making it more visible. This is great news for content creators. While there may not be an analytic to measure these new indicators available to marketers, if Facebook is curating relevant content, the odds of you getting more “physical” interaction such as a like or share is going to increase.


Those are the major changes to your social media platforms for this week! How are you going to implement them into your marketing campaigns?

Are there any we missed? Let us know!