Have a lot to say? Create a podcast for your content marketing campaign!

Cheap, quick, and relevant, podcasts are basically internet radio shows that you can record and upload to share with the masses. What makes them so great for users is their portability. Make them available for download via SoundCloud or iTunes, and listeners can play them on their commute, while exercising, or to leave on in the background while they work.

The Basics

Like all of our blogs on content marketing tips, begin by identifying a topic and demographic. Even if you own a technical business, podcasts are a great way to communicate with the public and provide them with interesting, relevant information. Take some time to brainstorm with your peers and discuss various topics for you to talk about.

After you have your topic narrowed down, it’s time to start looking for the tools of the trade. The first thing you want is a microphone. While most laptop mics are okay for quick video chat sessions, you want something with higher quality. There are many cheap solutions that will give your podcast a professional sound without breaking the bank. We recommend checking out the Blue Snowball microphone to get started.

Next, you’ll need a way to record your podcast. Audacity is a free recording tool that has a simple user interface and in depth tools in case you want to explore playing with effects and levels. It allows you to add multiple tracks to your project, so feel free to experiment with adding some lead in or outro music to give your talk show a professional polish.

Lastly, before you hit that record button, it can be helpful to write down major points you’ll want to bring up so you don’t forget. Recording off the cuff can lead to some great moments, but writing your points out ahead of time can help keep you on track. The length of the podcast is up to you, but keep in mind the average commute in the United States is 20 minutes.

Have an Argument

Now that you have the tools, it’s time to get to the fun stuff. A great way to keep people engaged is to have an argument. This doesn’t mean you have to be argumentative in your podcast, it just means that you have to have something interesting to say. An argument is just a stance on an issue, even if it’s as simple as liking or disliking upcoming trends in your industry. When you frame your podcast with an argument, listeners will know what to expect and it will keep you on track when you start talking.

Don’t be afraid to speculate! People love to have an idea of what’s coming next, especially if that information is coming from someone within the industry. Don’t be afraid of being wrong, but back up your predictions with points that will remain valid even if they don’t come true.

Bring a Friend

If you really know your industry, you can get away with talking about a topic on your own. However, your podcast will be much more engaging if you have someone to bounce the conversation off of. Look at your topic and choose someone who has an interesting perspective on the issue, or even a counter opinion to your own. This will create a dynamic experience that will keep your show interesting.

Once you gain more listeners, reach out to others within your industry, or even those that share a celebrity status within your circles. Find people that have a large social following that will help your content reach a new audience and ask if they want to be a guest on your show. Explain the topic ahead of time, or discuss coming up with one together. If you have something of value to offer a guest, such as a broader reach, the odds of them willing to collaborate with you is much higher.

Promote It!

This is the easy part. Websites like SoundCloud let you upload sound files and make them downloadable for others. iTunes also has a submission process in order to host your talk show. Don’t forget about YouTube! You can have your podcast run over a static image if you want, but feel free to get creative and make a slideshow or find B-Roll to enhance the experience for those who prefer visuals, if you have the time.

After that, share it with the world and promote your new podcast across all of your platforms! Send it to industry peers and ask for their thoughts and insights for your next one. Listen to criticism from your friends and others you trust, and get started on your next one!

Podcasts are a great alternative to more time consuming video projects, but more dynamic than typical blogs. Remember that most Americans spend an average of 50 minutes commuting every day. If they are in their car, they can’t read or watch a video, but they are the perfect captive audience for your radio show!

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