5 Tips for Content Marketing on Pinterest

by Matt Staudt

Here are 5 Tips to Improve your Pinterest Content Marketing!

Pinterest is different than all other social media platforms when it comes to business. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ connect users to brands they already know or found out about through common interests. The goal of Pinterest is to connect people based on passions. CEO and co-founder of Pinterest analytics Danny Maloney had this to say,


“Unlike Twitter and Facebook which connect users based on who they know, Pinterest connects people based on their common passion. This indicates users are able to view content which is more likely to be of interest to them, and are more likely to lead to purchase downstream.”


It’s not only likely; it’s almost a sure thing. Over half of the users logging on to Pinterest (69% to be exact) do so with the intent to purchase a product. With this in mind, how can we boost your content marketing practices when it comes to Pinterest? Anchor Social’s 5 tips should get the ball rolling for you!


1. Make Sure Pinterest is Right for Your Business

There are a few questions you want to ask yourself before wasting time and effort making your business page stand out. They are as follows:


1. Is your product visual, and if not, what can you do to combat that by using images?

2. Do you have legal access to images you can use? Keyword here is “legal” folks!

3. Does your target demographic use Pinterest?

4. Can you “Pin” images from your website? We at Anchor Social have run into this problem a few times with clients.


If you checked yes to at least 3 out of 4, let’s get going on you Pinterest marketing journey!


2. Keep it nice, neat, and clean!

Part of what makes Pinterest so explosively popular is the organizable structure in which users can map out their interests. It’s with flawless ease that you can browse a company’s Pinterest page from product to product, topic to topic. Make sure yours looks and feels the same as your larger competitors and properly classify everything in it’s proper place!


3. Listen to the crowd

They’re the ones that are buying! Make sure you look at what your consumers are doing. Whoever is following you or re-pinning your content should be on your watch list. See who else they’re following and what their personal interests are. It’s a good and free way to get inside the head of your target audience!


4. Play nice with others

Pinterest is one of few social media platforms where it can pay off big time to play nice with competitors. You can contact and create boards together to answer consumer’s questions. Commenting on competitor boards and pins is also a common practice on Pinterest. This is not the place to be shy -reach out to your competitor’s to see what options they may consider!


5. Last but certainly not least, pin often!

Just like Twitter, it is very important to keep your audience updated with fresh, new, and cool content. We are by no means saying pin anything and everything. Make sure the images are sharable and aesthetically pleasing. If you are composing images yourself and need tips, check out our blog on photography for content marketing. This may seem like a lot of time to be putting into one social media platform, but depending on your business, it’s arguably the most important. Additionally, Pinterest is a great place to use images that you’ve used on other social media channels (or vice-versa), so you’ll get more mileage if you put in the extra work.


Like we said above, most people who use Pinterest have the clear intention to buy a product. Let’s make sure it’s yours they are buying!


Are there any other tips we left out? We’d love to hear from you!