Here are Some Online Tools to Help Your Video Content Marketing Efforts:

Everybody likes a good video, right? Not only are they entertaining, they have a few exceptional marketing functions as well. They are easily the definition of “content”. Videos can help you show up in a Google search, get you some click throughs to your website, and expand your brand’s reach. So the question is: are you using the video content marketing tools at your disposal? Here are a few online solutions that can help you create some professional, engaging material.


Viewbix is a useful interactive video player that allows you to add content, forms, and call to actions all within your video. You can even add email forms in order to get subscriptions after the viewer is done watching. Personalization of your video is another great option, and of course, they have some video marketing tools as well, including analytics. The only big drawback to Viewbix is that the player is not formatted for YouTube, but you can use it with your website, Twitter, and Facebook.


If you’re ready to start editing, try Screenflow (Mac) or Camtasia (PC). These are powerful tools that allow you to add/subtract clips, add music, and record your voice in a user-friendly environment. There is a version of Camtasia for Mac, but it doesn’t have all the functionality of the PC version. We recommend you stick with Screenflow if you’re working with Apple.


A nice option for those of you who want to try something new is GoAnimate. This online solution allows you to create video animations, not unlike some of the videos you see for Google. They claim to have an extremely low learning curve and unlimited creations for any one of their three subscriptions. With their GoPremium option, you can even add clickable links to your video.


Powtoon is another video animation tool. If you are looking to create quick, eye catching YouTube ads, tutorials, or even video resumes, this is as good as it gets for the price!


Having trouble getting your videos noticed by Google? If you haven’t created a sitemap, this may be your issue. A video sitemap gives Google information about your video from your site. Without one, if your video does come up, it will lead the viewer back to YouTube instead of your site. There are some handy plugins available that will automatically add sitemaps to videos you upload.


Content marketing for video, whether you’re going using animation or live footage, can be tricky to get the hang of. With the power of these tools, we’re confident you can get it done. If you need help setting up your own video marketing strategy or have any questions, Anchor Social is a full service content marketing agency that is ready to help!