5 Tips for Mobile Content Marketing

Here are 5 Tips to Help Your Mobile Content Marketing Campaign!

We live busy lives. With the dawn of the smartphone, work can be conducted away from the desk, and content can be consumed from almost anywhere on the planet. Unfortunately what this means for you as a content creator is that people’s attention spans are even shorter than before. We scroll fast, looking to consume information on a train ride, while waiting for an appointment, in that brief moment on the grocery line, and any spare second of downtime we get.


It’s important to be aware of the way media is consumed now in order to understand how best to market to a modern audience. Here are 5 tips to get you started!


1. Have a Mobile Responsive Site

Before you even begin thinking about how you are going to present your content on mobile devices, you have to make sure you have the ability to do it well. Many WordPress sites are already designed with mobile devices in mind, but if you built your website from the ground up, speak with a developer to make sure you’re covered.


Mobile responsive sites usually resize content to fit smaller screens, and will often aggregate articles that have multiple pages into one streamlined page. You don’t want your reader to be constantly pinching and zooming or trying to click a button to advance to the next page. The cleaner the better.


2. Know that Mobile Users Skim Content


When users consume content on their phones, odds are they’re not in a position to sit down and read every single word. This means that they are only looking for key points to get the information they need and move on. You could write the best article in the word, but without a way to guide a skimming mobile reader through the content, they aren’t going to get much information.


There are a few ways you can combat this. First, you can break up your content by using headlines, not unlike this blog. By separating information under headers, users can quickly find the information they’re looking for and then move on (or skip it). You can also pull out and format quotes that are a great representation of your material. With a good enough quote, you can entice readers to read deeper into your text, or at the very least, acquire the information they’re looking for.


3. We’re Attracted to Images


We know, part of any content marketing campaign is strong images. There have been multiple studies that find time and again our eyes go to images first. However, if you overuse images in your posts, mobile users are going to skim to each image without reading any copy. However, if spaced properly, you can use images to break up text and draw users in.


Additionally, you can use captions to provide information to your readers where their eyes are going first. Make them short, to the point, and informative.


Keep in mind that the more images you use, the longer it will take your mobile page to load. This is fine if someone is using a desktop site with a strong internet connection, but many users on smartphones may be relying on a much slower network. The longer your page takes the load, the higher chance they will leave before they even see your content.


4. Keep It Short


You are working with limited space on a mobile device. Keeping it short doesn’t mean you have to cut out content, it just means that you should keep your content to the point and be efficient with how you layout your page.


A long headline that spans across the whole screen may look okay on a desktop, but on a mobile device, it will only push your relevant content farther down. The less your readers have to scroll, the better.


Paragraphs should also be short and to the point. You lose readers with long blocks of text, especially if they feel they get the point from the opening few lines of each paragraph. Visually, smaller paragraphs make your content appear easier to digest, which provides a nicer experience for your reader.


5. Remember the Mobile Format


Don’t forget about the format you’re working with! Mobile users have access to the internet 24/7 and you can leverage that to your advantage. You can specify when to encourage users to use your hashtag or share photos. A great example of this is NASA’s promotion of their New Horizons spacecraft which is studying Pluto. By going to their website, you can find out how much daylight there is on Pluto on noon based on a specific time (dawn or dusk) for your location. They then encourage users to go outside at that time, take a picture, and share it using the hashtag #PlutoTime.


This is something desktop users could do, but is made infinitely easier with mobile devices. The possibilities are endless. Center a hashtag around a TV Show, or encourage people at an event to upload photos. If you make your website mobile friendly, encourage users to go there to get event information or provide them with useful tools throughout the day.

The mobile platform isn’t going to go away anytime soon. If you’re a content marketer, it’s important to keep up so you don’t lose out on a large demographic. If you have any other tips for mobile marketers, let us know. We want to hear them!