A Professional Resource for Content Marketing

There’s a bit of irony in overlooking LinkedIn as a social media platform that you can leverage for marketing. After all, it has almost all the functionality of recreational platforms such as Facebook, but is filled with professionals looking to network and find new opportunities. LinkedIn can be a treasure trove for your content marketing campaign, if you know how to use it.


Like Facebook and Google+, you can make a company page for your business and tie it to your personal account. From there you can do all the familiar social media tricks: post content, share others’, and participate in group discussions. What differentiates LinkedIn from other social media platforms is that its user base is comprised almost entirely of professionals just waiting to consume relevant content.


As such, you have to make sure your content is going to be useful to these like minded professionals. We’re always suggesting you find a target audience when you start creating and promoting content, but LinkedIn makes this almost too easy. Whether it’s structural glass, other content marketing agencies, or lawn care services, LinkedIn is full of niche groups that you can easily tailor B2B content to.


After creating your company page, start looking for communities to join on your personal profile. See what others are posting and if there seems to be decent engagement. If possible, you can shape your content to fit specific communities by changing keywords or posing questions directly towards other members. Remember: you’re talking to professionals! You’re going get more engagement if whatever you are sharing is specific and encourages discussion on a peer to peer basis. As with our definition of content marketing, you have to make sure you are providing something of value, otherwise your content will come off as self-promotion.


Make sure to also create a Showcase Page for your company page. This feature allows you to highlight different aspects of your company which can be targeted at specific connections. LinkedIn prides itself in allowing users to build relationships, and Showcases allow followers to receive specific updates from your company. It’s a non-spammy way to promote your content.


On your personal profile, don’t forget to take advantage of LinkedIn’s post writing feature. This publishing platform is meant for long-form writing, such as a blog, and is a great way to increase your reach. You should be writing on LinkedIn frequently, even if it’s just copying a blog you wrote for your website. These posts show up on your actual profile, where any professionals viewing it will easily come across it.


One last note: don’t use hashtags on LinkedIn! They aren’t supported by the platform, and your posts and updates will look weak if you use them. Make sure to pay attention if you are sharing the same content on other platforms that use them.


That’s it! If you have any other tips or suggestions, please feel free to add them. If you have any other questions, Anchor Social is a full service content marketing agency, and we’d be glad to help!