Promoting Your Content Marketing Campaign

You Have an Awesome Content Marketing Campaign…So Promote It! 


If you’ve been following our blog for the last month, you probably realize we’re big on content marketing. After all, it’s what we do. We’ve previously discussed what content marketing is, great examples of campaigns, the numbers to back it up, as well as some helpful photography tips to get you started. The question now is: where do you go from here?


Like any social media campaign, correctly promoting your content is the final piece that puts it all together. We’re here to run you through the steps.


The first part is easy: identify your target audience. If you are running an effective campaign, you should have done this from the beginning! Young or old, male or female, sports groups or movie buffs – you have to point your campaign in a direction where people are going to find your content interesting or useful.


Once you have your target audience, do some research for your various social platforms.


Twitter and Instagram:

If Twitter or Instagram is a part of your campaign, you should be looking up relevant hashtags to tap into the group of people who are most likely to engage with your content. Look at what other users are doing and see what related hashtags they include in their posts. Use some third party websites like Top-Hashtags to figure out which ones are getting the most interaction and are most likely to draw attention to your post.


If you’re running a strong campaign, perhaps you’ve been building a unique hashtag of your own? It’s not a bad idea to start using it in posts leading up to a particular campaign to get the ball rolling, or start using one if your campaign is ongoing. Make sure it’s concise, but also relevant to the information you’re posting. If your content is engaging enough, you’ll have people picking up your brand’s hashtag organically, increasing your reach.


Facebook and Google+

Facebook is a great tool for promoting content if you’ve already built up a good number of followers, but even if you haven’t, your content should still have a presence there. It’s also no secret that Google+ is a powerhouse for SEO, so having an active account there is a must for your business. If appropriate, use the same hashtags as your Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep things consistent across the board.


Join some relevant communities! Promoting your content in Facebook or Google+ communities can be a gold mine for content engagement. Make sure to post your content with genuine copy that has a call to action. Foster engagement and discussion by asking a question or looking for your audience’s opinion. This will prevent your posts from sounding like self-promotion or spam. Make sure to read community guidelines and post in the proper location, otherwise you run the risk of having your post removed or potentially being banned from the group.



If you are promoting for a business such as a technical architecture firm or a monetary focused industry, LinkedIn can be a great way to promote your content and gather engagement from industry peers. As with Facebook and Google+, make sure to join and share with groups, as well as share from personal accounts who are a part of your business that may reach a different audience.


If your content is an article, LinkedIn also has their own blog-post feature that you can populate with the same info you’re promoting to increase your SEO. Drop in an eye catching image and you found an easy way to increase your reach to relevant professionals!


The exception to the rules mentioned above: DO NOT use hashtags on LinkedIn. The platform doesn’t utilize them, and your post will look unprofessional if you include them.


Pinterest and StumbleUpon

If you’re taking awesome images, don’t forget about Pinterest! Tag your images with relevant keywords, and follow like-minded users to increase your reach.


Sometimes you have to just leave it up to chance. It’s free and easy to submit your content to StumbleUpon and have your audience come across your content all on their own! Make sure to pick an appropriate category and use relevant tags to increase the chance of someone stumbling upon your content!


Are there any other ways you’ve found to utilize social media platforms to promote your content marketing campaign? We want to hear about it! Anchor Social is a full service content marketing firm. If you have any questions about how to promote your content, or need help starting a campaign of your own, contact us to get started!

Steve Dixon