This Week in Entertainment #1: Introducing Anchor’s Entertainment & Lifestyle Updates

Editor’s Note: We are proud to introduce Anchor’s new blog series: This Week in Entertainment! Keep an eye on our blog for detailed previews, reviews, and updates on all the best happenings in the surrounding New York City area and across the country.

Week #1: Friday, May 15th

Spring is in full swing and summer is approaching fast. As the weather turns warmer, smiles grow bigger as the sky becomes bright with the palest blue. Winter has officially left the building. It’s human nature to be drawn outside when the sun begins to shine. There’s so much to do and so much to see. This summer will definitely be one for the books as more and more events continue to get announced. There are few places better than New York when it comes to summertime events. Music, Art, Sports, Fashion, Fairs and Festivals; you can do something different every weekend for the entire summer if you want. All it comes down to is figuring out what you want to do, then finding out where and when it’s happening. You may not be someone who keeps a full calendar or stays up to date with current events. That’s where Anchor Social comes in. Along with being a one-stop shop for integrated content marketing, we’ll also provide you with previews and reviews of various events on a regular basis. Week in and week out, Anchor Social will have the low down on a wide assortment of entertainment that stretches from music to museums. Good weather brings good vibes, so get out of your house and go do something with friends and family!


There are few things in this world better than experiencing live music. It’s one of the most enlightening experiences known to man, and it has been for years. New York has always had a deep-rooted music scene. Every professional musician comes to New York City to play. It’s one of the biggest and most well known stages in the world. There are a number of really awesome venues in and around the city, both indoors and outdoors. Every summer, the City Parks Foundation hosts a series of SummerStage concerts in numerous parks across the city. By presenting diverse acts to neighborhood parks across the five boroughs, they build new audiences and create more interest in the arts. SummerStage brings in some of the most popular bands and artists from a multitude of different genres. The coolest thing about these concerts is that they’re free. They have a packed schedule all summer so check out their calendar, grab a friend and plan a trip to see some free music outdoors.


If you don’t enjoy the city, the Hudson Valley is perfect for you. Stretching along the Hudson River, north of New York City, the Hudson Valley is home to a ton of great venues and festivals. Next week, we’ll give you insight on some of them. From free concerts in Central Park, to three-day music festivals upstate, there is literally something for everyone. Anchor Social will cover it all!


If music isn’t really your thing and you prefer something a bit quieter, we can direct you to art galleries and museums. There are always interesting events taking place at the different museums in Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you’re on a budget, you can check out the Museum of Natural History for a small donation of one dollar. One specific event that is a must for anybody who enjoys museums is the annual Museum Mile Festival. Honestly, it’s something that everyone should take advantage of this summer. The 37th Annual Museum Mile Festival will take place on Tuesday, June 9th and it’s free! The tour will start at 9 a.m. at the Smithsonian Design Museum on 91st street & 5th avenue in Manhattan. It will include nine museums, eventually ending at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on 82nd street. Since 1978, the Museum Mile Festival has been a huge success for the City of New York. If you don’t think that you’ll be able to make it to this event, don’t worry. There will be more in the coming months.


Anchor Social will give you all the info you need to attend the best museum events in New York this summer. However, if museums aren’t your cup of tea, yet you still want to experience the hip and upcoming culture of New York City, we’ve got exactly what your young, creative mind needs: Art galleries. Manhattan and Brooklyn have some of the coolest galleries in the world. You can pretty much find every single style of art that there is right in New York City. From high-end fine art in the Upper West Side, to raw street-art in the Lower East Side, Anchor Social will point you in the right direction. Some very known, some barely known, our blog will provide more details on these galleries in the coming weeks.


Walking around Manhattan on a mid-July afternoon, visiting museums and galleries, may not sound that pleasurable to some people. We understand, we really do. A lot of people would rather catch a baseball game at Yankee Stadium or play a game of golf in Westchester. Others are more into working out and staying active. For those people, the ones that eat and breathe sports, we’ve got you covered. For health fanatics, Anchor Social will connect you with awesome opportunities to stay fit in New York City. One prime example is ‘Healthy on the Hudson’, which is a fitness gathering that takes place at Hudson River Park every week for the entire summer. People of all ages from all backgrounds join together to help each other stay healthy, all while gazing upon the beautiful Hudson River.


To all the young people who prefer extreme sports such as skateboarding, we haven’t forgotten about you! Throughout the summer, we’ll have extended coverage of events taking place at locations such as the House of Vans in Brooklyn.



You may love all of the above ,but sometimes you just need a break from everything and everyone.  We definitely understand that it can be difficult to find solitude in the city. How about getting away from all the people, cars and buildings for a brief moment? There are few things more relaxing than renting a kayak and taking it out on the Hudson River. The only thing that makes it cooler is the fact that it’s free. This is an extremely popular program for both adults and children. The Downtown Boathouse has three separate locations for this extremely popular program. Both adults and children have great times doing this, everyone that’s done it in the past has loved it. Next week, we’ll give you all the details you need to turn this dream into a reality!


New York is chock full of entertainment and culture that people don’t take advantage of. Our aim is to change that by delivering inspired previews, in-depth reviews, and the occasional interview. Although most of our coverage will be based in and around New York, it definitely won’t be limited to the Empire State. Along with our weekly blog, Anchor Social will also cover events across the country. Basically, we’ll have our finger on the pulse of what’s going down this summer. Our blog will give you an inside look at some of the coolest events around. Whether it’s music, fashion, art, film or extreme sports, Anchor Social will provide you with everything you need to stay on top of what’s going on. With our help, you and your friends can have one of the best summers of your lives. For those of you on a tight budget, don’t fret! There are a substantial amount of free events scattered in and around New York. There will be something for everyone as a wide array of content is delivered directly to your screen. The only thing that you need to do is stay tuned, spread the word and seize the day. Anchor Social will cover the rest.