by Matt Staudt

Ever wonder how to run a Pinterest contest? Here’s how!

We all know that Pinterest is aesthetically pleasing. We know that it has the potential to drive serious traffic to your website. And we also know it seemed to come out of nowhere. But did you know one of the ways you can drive traffic back to your website and make Pinterest more fun and engaging for your audience is running a Pinterest contest? Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, Pinterest has stepped up their game and now it’s time you do the same!

So how do you run a great Pinterest contest that’s bound to get tons of engagement, get you a bunch of pins, drive traffic back to your website, and doesn’t require you to have deep pockets? There a few do’s and don’ts that we’ll go over to insure you get the most out of this exercise.

Lets quickly get the negative energy out of the way: the don’ts! Whenever running a contest on a social media platform, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or whatever, some recon may be in order. Look at what others have done in the past (if it was successful that is) and find the social norms of running a contest on that platform. Some of them for Pinterest include

-It’s annoying to put a minimum amount of pins for your contests so don’t do it.

-Don’t ask people to repin your contest rules

-You can’t pick a winner at random (their rules, not ours) so don’t include that in your strategy.

-Don’t make commenting part of the contest rules

As long as you follow these rules, you should be able to run a great contest that will increase your brand awareness and cause a bit of a ruckus on the Pinterest playing field.

Keep calm and stay simple. Don’t over complicate your contest or nobody will want to join. Not to mention simpler usually means cheaper and we at Anchor Social are all about saving your time and money! There is a rule that you can’t ask people to pin from a certain board but there are other options. You can have them pin from other websites…even your website. You can have them post pictures of their favorite product you sell or if you are service-based, have them pin pictures of your employees helping clients. You can also ask them to pin things they have made from your product. For example if you sell grills, tell them to pin pictures of their best BBQ’s.

You have to promote! Make sure that you are delivering delectable eye-candy for your audience, insuring you get the most out of your contest. There are some cool social app builders that are affordable and a great way to promote your Pinterest contest. Woobox, Short Stack, and Wishpond are all great examples. Because of that pesky ‘no repins of contest rules’ rule, you’ll need to take advantage of other social media platforms. The above apps will work with Facebook and are a great place to start. Grab all of those people who already like your Facebook page and allow them easy access to your Pinterest contest. Email lists are not a bad way of promoting a contest either.

Give your audience a reason! The last thing you want to ensure your Pinterest contest has is a rather sweet incentive. If your prize is lame the likelihood of a lot of engagement is very small. This is where you’re going to need some creativity and brainstorming. Again, you don’t need deep pockets to get engagement. Offer a night out on the town if you’re a small business (dinner, movie, and maybe a drink coupon for a bar). Thinking about what it would take you for to enter a contest is a great start.

Anchor Social is a digital marketing agency. Having trouble running a contest on Pinterest? We can help you run a guaranteed successful contest, were experts at it! Just contact us with a comment or email and will get back to ASAP!